You have visited Mark Borne’s central, the home of the Mirror Ant. Both are the same person. This blog is not meant to contain any content, more to just redirect WordPress fans to his actual blog. Below is a list of his blogs for ease of access:

Mark Borne Nexus

Formally called “Mark Swift’s Nexus”, the Mark Borne Nexus is a place for Mark, and other authors, to write, share, and have a great time!

Mirror Ant Game Reviews
Games are cool. Almost anyone would agree. Thus, I have decided to start writing game reviews every now and then. Yes. You heard right. Game reviews. No, I am not going crazy.

Experimental Stories
From wizards to dragons, from mermen to birdmen, this blog will have a variety of stories, overtime! First set is a Harry Potter fan-fiction story that takes place in an alternate universe.

The Bunker Story
Fearing nuclear missiles from foreign countries, a city in the United States of America heads underground into a large self-sustaining bunker system. Soon, the only people in the Bunker are the people who have never seen the light of day.

Guardians of the Infinite Realms Novel
Elendra and Mark are orphans who grew up under the wing of King Arthur. After discovering that her existence is the cause of the suffering inflicted on the kingdom, however, she sets out to either quell the growing rebellion or its motives, with Mark at her side. But, the discovery of the past and the finding of an ancient portal device sends Elendra and Mark on a mission for the very rebellion they hoped to stop: stop King Arthur, and bring him to justice.